Rx: later

I am going to be blunt about this. Do not wait. Do not count on having a ‘later.’ Because there is no guarantee that ‘later’ will ever come. Or that if it does, it will look like the ‘later’ you had anticipated or planned for.

I took my father-in-law to a doctor’s appointment this week. It was no big deal.  A follow-up visit to the dermatologist. But the experience brought into focus how little he is capable of doing and what his life is really like. He can’t move well (a dear member of the hospital valet parking crew kindly lifted him wholesale out of my car and into his wheelchair – thank you!). He can’t communicate well (though I think he does better with his friends than with us). He doesn’t seem to enjoy much. He is a sweet man. He spent a lot of his life working hard, helping raise a dozen younger siblings, bringing his family to the US, and raising two spectacular sons (though credit should also go to his late wife, my late mother-in-law, who would have celebrated her 73rd birthday yesterday). I guarantee you that this was not the ‘later’ that he, or anyone for that matter, would have hoped for.

I am a strong believer that some positive comes out of every experience, whether it be good or bad. Watching his deterioration has made me reflect.

Do now the things you want to do. Do not wait. Live your life, Achieve your goals, Take time to Enjoy and Reflect.  Do your ‘later’ now. Sometimes we need a little reminder.

Today I’m prescribing you your ‘later’. Do it now.

Rx: later.


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