just get off your ass

I just love this. That’s right, baby. That’s right. Just get of your ass.

I’m going to be a little irreverent here but, you know what, I’m going to speak my mind. Here’s the situation, people. This eCard from ilovetorun.org says it like it is. There is no magic bullet to getting healthy. You just have to get up and do it. That’s it.

#1: You have to muster some semblance of self-control and stop eating the potato chips, cookies, soda, fast food. Let’s be honest, no one forces you to eat that stuff but you. You know it’s true. No one but me made me stop at the McDonald’s drive through and get an order of small fries this weekend (look, I’m just as human as the rest of you…).

#2: You have to get off your ass and move. There is nothing complicated about it. Step one, stand up. Step two, put on your shoes (and preferably some clothes… Though they don’t need to be fancy running clothes by any stretch. My exercise clothes come from the sale rack at TJ Maxx). Step three, move. Really. That’s it. Get off your ass. You have no idea how good you will feel. I can guarantee it.

#3: Turn off the TV, shut down the internet, and ignore the fads. I happened across Dr. Oz on TV yesterday touting hot pepper jelly as some sort of cure-all for obesity. ‘Eat two spoons of this every morning on your eggs and english muffins and blah blah blah.’ Don’t get me wrong. I definitely admire Dr. Oz for elevating health care to a new level of popularity. But seriously, hot pepper jelly?

Look guys. I’m a doctor. I’m a heart doctor. I want you to get healthy. I want to help you get healthy. I want to find innovative tools and technologies to help you get healthy.

But there’s no magic to this. It’s simple. Eat right and get off your ass. It may be hard, but it’s the right way to live healthy.

I’m just saying like it is.

Now it’s your job to live it.

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