Can Marriage Save You From Cancer?

A version of following piece was originally written for the Aetna Intelihealth website where it was published earlier today.  Social connectedness again proves important for improved health. A study just released from the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston by my friend Paul Nguyen and colleagues shows major health benefits for married people who develop cancer. For[…]

this week’s menu

Well, I certainly have been off the grid when it comes to keeping up with the weekly menus. It’s been a wonderful summer, packed with time spent by lakes and beaches, with some canoeing and some surfing, and well, lots of change on the career front (I promise a separate and detailed post about this…).[…]

this week’s menu – Trying gluten-free!

I am embarrassed to admit just how long it’s been since my last menu. Really, I have no excuse. By some miracle, the Pandes have survived. Food made it to the table. The CSA veggies have been eaten. But being organized is so much more fun. Well, so much easier at least. But I’ve been[…]

this week’s menu – May 27th – greens galore!

OK, folks, we need a menu. Mom’s back on service. Dad’s in charge of the kitchen (and if the grilled lamb chops from this weekend are any indication, we gonna be eatin’ well this week!). Our CSA provided us a bounty of greens this week, some of which I had never even heard of. Some[…]

Hey, Docs, What Took You So Long?

.@warrenbuffett Welcome to @twitter. What took you so long?— Bill Clinton (@billclinton) May 2, 2013 Here’s the thing about doctors. We are stuck in our ways. We are slow to change. We are cautious when it comes to ‘progress.’ And we are busy, too busy to pay attention to the world moving forward around us.[…]

this week’s ‘menu’ – CSA begins and Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day! It’s a good weekend! Not only is it mother’s day, but we also picked up our first installment of our CSA farm share from Brookwood Farm and our fresh eggs. Oh my, how glorious! Here’s the list of goodies: Nettles Pea tendrils Salad greens Arugula Scallions a few carrots and radishes And[…]

this week’s menu – may 5th – on the grill

One more week until our CSA begins! Wahoo!  Guessing next week’s menu will be full of green leafy stuff. I can’t wait to see what we get. It’s still unseasonably cold in Boston. Yes, it’s May and it’s in the 50s. But that hasn’t kept us from firing up the grill. To get into the[…]


just get off your ass

I just love this. That’s right, baby. That’s right. Just get of your ass. I’m going to be a little irreverent here but, you know what, I’m going to speak my mind. Here’s the situation, people. This eCard from says it like it is. There is no magic bullet to getting healthy. You just have to[…]

this week’s menu – April 21st

After a rough week in Boston, we awoke Saturday to an end to the madness. There was a cathartic rainfall, glorious sunshine, and a reminder of the beauty that accompanies the beginning of springtime. We needed some love in this week’s menu. It’s eclectic but with lots of favorites (minus tacos… sorry, kids, just couldn’t[…]

this week’s menu – April 14th

I am living off the high of doing the Boston Athletic Association’s 5K race this morning. It’s no marathon but fun anyway and let’s you get into the Boston Marathon spirit, cross the finish line, and feel like you are part of marathon fever with everyone else! I will be working tomorrow, but will be[…]