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What’s on the menu this week?

I enjoy cooking, but I’m of the opinion that there is no more unpleasant question to be asked at 6pm on the drive home than ‘What are we doing for dinner tonight, honey?” and then to have no answer. So, in an effort to keep myself sane and my family’s eating habits healthy, I have been plotting out a weekly menu.

Planning a menu in advance at least takes the guessing game out of it. And plus, I can shop in advance to make sure I actually have everything on hand for the dishes I want to make. It also makes me think about how I can best make use of the overflowing basket of veggies we get from our fabulous CSA from Brookwood Farm!

I figure I’ll post my weekly menus here. Maybe it’ll give you some bright ideas too.

This week’s menu.

Eat up!

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