this week’s menu – Oct 14th


I readily admit that good habits are hard to keep. True for exercise, true for diet, and true for my menu-making… Missed a week, but we are back.

Sunday – Spicy chicken wings (for the boy, of course!); Cheese ravioli with pumpkin sage sauce (for the adults!)

The back story here is that Nikhil really wanted to make pumpkin muffins from scratch this morning (and pumpkin pie from scratch last week… and we did it using this easy recipe!), but what to do with all the leftover pumpkin puree? So I fried some fresh sage and added cream, salt, pepper, butter, and there it was. Yum.

Monday – Taco Tuesday is happening on Monday. So there. (And yes, we will need a new Tuesday menu item soon as we (the adults) are tiring of tacos…)

Tuesday – Sausage, white bean, and kale soup; crusty loaf of bread.

Wednesday – Roast chicken thighs with potatoes and carrots; Arugula and bleu cheese salad with toasted almonds.

Thursday – Cheeseburgers (pulling out the George Foreman grill for this one!); Sauteed asparagus; Tomato salad.

Friday – Mom away at a meeting. Pretty sure it will be an eat out/kids’ choice night!

Still have leftover pumpkin puree. Must find a way to use that somewhere. Perhaps a soup. We shall see!

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