this week’s menu – Dec 10th

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We (ok, I) decided this week that we should have a veggie of the week. After going through about 15 choices with the kids, they settled on carrots. CARROTS! So there is a 10 lb bag (maybe it’s 20 lbs?) of carrots on my counter.  I am going crazy with carrots this week – carrot soup,  carrot slaw, carrot latkes!

Monday – Spaghetti with meatballs (sauce and meatballs courtesy of Tutto Italiano in Hyde Park); French bread; Carrot sticks; Roasted broccolini

Tuesday – Winter White Coq Au Vin – Yes, I was watching Rachel Ray this weekend and saw this recipe. Roasted carrots on the side?

Wednesday – Sausage subs with peppers and onions (didn’t actually make it last week so a carry over…); Carrot and potato latkes?

Thursday – A nod to the kiddos – PIZZA!

Friday – Asian stir-fried shrimp and carrots; White rice; Steamed broccoli.

Next week the kids and I travel to India to visit my nearly 98-year-old grandmother and the rest of the family so we will be on a purposeful menu hiatus!

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