this week’s menu – Dec 3rd

Yes, that’s right, no menus the entire month of November. Shame on me. Two weeks on service, away for Thanksgiving, and voila, weeks of dinner mess at the Pandes. Doing the menu is like any good habit, such as exercising or dieting, starting is hard, but maintaining it turns out to be even harder. But no point feeling bad about it. Might as well get back to business this week…

Sunday – Roasted chicken with sweet potato fries; Arugula salad

Monday – Crispy fish with lemon caper butter sauce; Thin spaghetti; Asparagus

Tuesday – Chicken enchiladas (making use of leftover roast chicken); Guacamole and salsa; Beans and Rice

Wednesday – Sausage subs with sautéed peppers and onions; Cole slaw

Thursday – Butternut squash soup; Crostini with ricotta and scallion spread; Cheese ravioli

Friday – Taco pizza! Yes, just as it sounds. No taco shells. Just pizza crust and all the usual suspects.

Perhaps this will inspire your post-Thanksgiving meal organization too.  Good eats.

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