this week’s menu – Jan 12th – a guest menu!

Thrilled that this menu business has had its intended effect… to help me keep my head above water and inspire others to do the same. It has been exciting to the see that friends (some old, some new!) have been inspired to pull together their own weekly menus. Some have even bought the same ‘what to eat pad‘ that hangs on our fridge (I’m thinking of you, Janelle!).

So in the spirit of exchange, we have a menu from a guest chef! Thank you to my old med school friend, Suma Ramzan, for this week’s menu! Hopefully you can use her menu to inspire your own. Happy eating…

Sunday: Dim Sum (I buy a bunch of frozen Chinese buns, dumplings and shumai and steam them in a bamboo steamer). Green Beans. Orange melons.

Monday: Moroccan Lamb (with lamb loin chops). Pine nut couscous. Roasted Asparagus. Pears.

I doctored up this recipe by adding whole milk yogurt about 0.5-1 cup and simmering for 2 hours (insanely good!).

Tuesday: Light Coconut Milk Curry Tofu (marinated overnight in Trader Joe’s Soyaki) with vegetables of green beans (from Sunday), green bell pepper and cauliflower. Strawberries.

Wednesday: Leftover night! Anything that was left in the fridge. Apples.

Thursday: Seafood (lobster) penne pasta in a creamy sherry (I’m going to skip the sherry and stick to just tomatoes) sauce. Roasted cauliflower (the other half of what wasn’t used on Tuesday night). Oranges.

Friday: Movie night at school = Pizza night!

Anyone else with menu ideas, feel free to send them my way. Thanks again, Suma!

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