this week’s menu – Jan 6th

We are back on the map! Well, back on this side of the map after a fabulous trip to India. You might think a) that the trip would inspire some changes in cuisine or b) that the new year would lead me to start afresh and eat healthy this week. Neither one is happening though. The frigid temps and snow that greeted us on our return are providing inspiration this week for warm, hearty cooking. Next week we’ll add in daal, new chutneys, and shrimp curry perhaps!


Monday: Chili beef and vegetables; Buttermilk biscuits

Tuesday: Garlicky shrimp and tomato linguini; butter lettuce salad; french bread; roasted asparagus

Wednesday: Italian meatballs; Couscous; Bruschetta; arugula salad

Thursday: Pizza

Friday: Breakfast for dinner (pancakes, smoked salmon, eggs)


Praying for the end of the jet lag soon!


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